FLL Stratagy – some easy targets

Easier missions are the missions that are closest to the base and with the larger targets. Attachments can make the hard targets easy as well as well as using sensors and lines or the wall to make missions close. For instance bowling, the robot can move all the way down the field, hit the wall with a touch sensor and then you know you’re near the bowling lanes.

The large video screen is the closest to base should be a fairly easy task to do. The easiest way to manipulate this is to push down the handle but to do that the robot needs to move out of the base, turn, and use some type of manipulator that pushes down the arm as it moves over it. Some other ways to manipulate the arm are:

  • reach over the screen and push the arm down
  • push up the flag
  • Or probably the easiest, go around the screen and pull the handle down.

Another fairly easy target is the blue quilts. All the robot needs to do is to push the two blue quilt squares from the base to the other two blue squares. It’s not quite a straight shot so the robot would have to push the squares out, turn slightly and push the squares to touch the black scoring area’s next to the other blue squares. Something will need to keep the squares from sliding to the side when a turn is made.

The “chair back to the base” portion of the wood working mission. should be somewhat easy. The goal is to move out grab the chair and bring it back to base. The trick is to have an attachment to grab the chair. One way may be to have a latch go across the where it would pull the chair back. Another way would be to have a hook of some type loop the chair and pull it back.

These are just a few of the strategies to get you started. You still need to do the programming and build the attachments.

Good Luck. If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

FLL Stratagy

There are many levels of strategy for doing the various FLL missions. I’m only going to talk about some of the basic strategy to start the kids thinking about how to do the missions.

The best strategy is to read the game manual. Read it closely, brainstorm with others, and think about what the description says with not preconceived ideas. For example, the Transitions mission says “Robot gets onto the center platform…”, it doesn’t say how to get on, you can get on from either end…or possibly from the side by tilting the center platform to the side and moving onto the platform.

Take a look at the game mat. In general, look at the missions to see how “easy” they are. Typically, a mission is considered easy if they are close to base or the missions with larger target to hit.

Missions such as the video call near the base, the wood working (retrieving the broken chair), retrieving the service dog, and possibly the blue quilts are fairly easy.

Missions such as the cardiovascular exercise, similarity recognition and cooperation, ball game, the lower hoop on flexibility, the orange quilt, the gardening, the strength exercise, and transitions are medium hard.They are a bit further to get to or have a small target to hit. When something is further the robot accuracy isn’t as good. Same with small targets. The transitions has obstacles to complete the mission which makes it medium hard.

The rest of the missions…the medicine, bowling, strength exercise, stove, the far video call, and the upper flexibility hoop are all hard, they are far and small to activate.

The Cardiovascular Exercise is the “impossible” mission. This is simply because there’s not really enough time to get it done along with all the other missions. It has to be visited multiple times (6 times with no touch penalties) while having to do all the other missions.

Also, there are lines on the game mat. This lines can help with movement, they can be followed to get to a destination, used to straighten the robot, or tell where you are by moving until you hit a line . Line following or robot movement until you hit a line is a strategy. The lines are a bit different this year. There are green lines, dashed lines, lines going from light to dark. We’ll have to get into the missions to tell how this will affect the game.

We’ll talk specific mission strategy next time.

Again, if you have any question, e-mail me at frc704mentor@qweztech.com.